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Vastu Tips for the Festive Season

Vastu Shastra holds a significance place in designing buildings and spaces. Weather its the exterior facade or the interiors of a buildings vastu principles are applied to bring in good fortune and to eliminate negativity from the house. As a team of architects in Delhi we suggest vastu tips to be integrate at the time of layout planning and designing of any space.

Festivals seasons holds an utmost place in our lives. The entire atmosphere becomes festive and enthusiastic. People are high on spirit and there is a strange feeling of happiness within. This time is an apt time to bring in some changes in the house as per vastu principles. These changes may involve guidance of an architect or an interior designer or may involve making small changes by your ownself.

Here, we will be sharing a few vastu tips for this festive season :

1. North East corner for the Temple or Puja Ghar

North east corner of your house is an ideal direction for a house temple or puja ghar. Make sure that the puja ghar is constructed or placed in this auspicious direction. The north corner of the house is associated with wealth and prosperity. Thus, the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha should be kept in this direction. The idols should not be facing each other and should be in sitting position.

2. Clutter Free House

Keeping your house clutter free is the first and foremost vastu principle. A clutter free house attracts positive energy and negates all the negativity in the house bringing in peace and prosperity. All the unnecessary items should be discarded. Clean the entire house, including those neglected corners, which are seldom attended to.. The drawers and cupboards should also be clutter free. A clean environment brings in balanced mental and physical well being. Dispose of all those old magazines, clothes, broken furniture, crockery or children’s toys that are never going to be used.

3. Remove Darkness

Lighting up your house is also an important element which should be taken into consideration. During this festive season lit up all the dark corners of your house. It is also believed that homes that are well-lit are always more in tune with attracting wealth. So, this festive evade all the evilness by bringing in a good source of light in your house. Lighting up your house from the outside is also equally important. Outdoor lighting and lighting up the garden / lawn is as important as lighting up the indoors.

4. Enhance Luck With Water

Fresh water is symbolic of good health. Enhance your luck with flowing water. Place a small waterfall in the north east corner of your house. It is said that flowing water absorbs all the negativity in the house and takes it along.

5. Water - Cleaning Agent

Spray a mixture of salt and water in all the corners of your home. It is believed that salt absorbs the negativity and purifies the atmosphere. After spraying, wash your hands well with soap.

6. Concentrate on the Entrance The entrance of the house should be extremely clean. The main door of your house should open without any obstruction. So if you think a decorative piece like a console or a statue is obstructing the door from opening fully then remove those pieces from that area. Also, lighting up the entrance with lights or diyas as well as decorating it with torahs on Diwali is considered to be very auspicious.

7. Rangoli and Diyas

The diyas should be placed in the multiples of (4) four, as each ‘Diya’ represents the reigning deity of Diwali i.e. Goddess ‘Lakshmi’, Lord ‘Ganesha’, Lord ‘Kubera’ and Lord ‘Indra’.

A rangoli with diyas if done in Southeast corner of the house will enhance the prosperity of the owners.The symbols like swastika/Om should not be made in the rangoli on the floor.

Welcome Goddess Lakshmi in your house by imprinting small footprints from the entrance of your house to the puja ghar.

8. Bring in Wealth and Prosperity

Vastu suggests that you write down your wealth aspirations. Another tip is to take three coins, wrap them up in red cloth, and place them next to a water bowl in the North. Place the locker in the north direction and also place an idol of goddess Lakshmi in the locker or your place of wealth.

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