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Kitchen Lighting Ideas You Should Know

Lighting forms a crucial part of any interior or exterior decor as it serves to illuminate as well as achieve an aesthetic or practical effect. This is accomplished through using various sources, types and designs of lighting.

Home owners want to enhance or accentuate their home decor through the use of all kinds of home lighting and lighting ideas. Lighting in general livens up any interior or exterior space.

Kitchen is the most used area of your house where multitude of activities take place every day. Having proper lighting planned for the kitchen is inevitable as it holds both - practical and aesthetic value. Proper lighting is required to carry on daily chores comfortably and from the aesthetic point of view it’s important to have a visually appealing space. After all no one likes to be working in a dull and drab area. So, getting your lighting design right will help to bring out the best features of any room in your home, which is why we thought it best to whet your appetite with some out of the ordinary lighting design ideas.

Blending Kitchen Lighting

The best way to accentuate the interior decor of your kitchen is through using effective lighting techniques that involves planning the lighting of the space by blending different layers in terms of using different types of lights coming together to create a warm and inviting environment for all to enjoy.

Kitchen Island Lighting

These days people prefer to have larger kitchen spaces to accommodate a plethora of modern kitchen equipments and plenty of storage. Large spaces calls for having kitchen with an island. Kitchen island needs of have focused ceiling lighting to a comfortable dinning experience. You can go in for track lights with single focus on the island.

Under The Cabinets

According to Architects in Delhi this is another form of focus or task lighting which is imperative when it comes to planning lighting system for your kitchen. Having lights under the over head cabinets means you get a clear focus on the working counter making it easy for the person to work long hours.

Embracing Aesthetics

As a team of interior designers in Delhi we totally understand that Aesthetics play a huge role in interior designing. Kitchen may be a place for doing usual daily chores but that doesn't mean aesthetics cannot be incorporated in the design. Profile lights are one element which brings in aesthetics in terms of lighting. These are sleek, slender lights which gives an elegant look to the space.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights or hanging lights are another usual lighting fixture that can be placed over the island. Due to it's look it becomes an added aesthetic element in the design. These are available in different styles and designs. It can be in the form of track lights or a single pendant light hanging from the ceiling.

Cove Lights

Cove Lights are used to accentuate the general recessed ceiling lights giving the space a more definite appearance. In case of a kitchen one can go in for cove lights in the ceiling as well as under the cabinets. When placed under the cabinets along with being aesthetically appealing they often also act like emergency lights.

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